Johnny Xmas

Johnny Xmas, a prominent figure inthe Information Security community since 2002, has been a dedicated contributorto public forums, sharing his extensive research and knowledge. Most notablyrecognized for his pivotal role in exposing the American TSA Master Key leaks(2014-2018), uncovering Venmo stalking vulnerabilities (2018), and being anoverall nuisance.

Past experience includes being:Director of Cyber Training at security research firm GRIMM, defending againstthe automated abuse of web infrastructure with Kasada, and as the LeadResearcher on Uptake’s Industrial Cybersecurity Platform. Before this, he spentmany years in the field as a penetration tester, security engineer for a globalFortune 500 retail corporation, and Mainframe auditor and Systems Engineer forseveral IT asset recovery firms.

Today, Johnny continues to shapeand elevate the Information Security landscape with his expertise andcontributions as the President of the Burbsec Information Security Network andthe Head of Offensive Security for a massive, global manufacturing and agriculturecorporation.

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