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We’ll just cut right to it; We want you to sponsor SecretCon.  Support the Minnesota Community! Tell us what your goals are. Want to hire amazing talent? Looking to get your brand out there? We offer extremely limited sponsor booths and hope to recognize local companies supporting our community. We are seeking companies interested in sponsoring SecretCon to help create an amazing learning environment and help socialize the industry here in the Twin Cities. SecretCon loves sponsors willing to offer hands-on activities beyond just sales, as well as offering interesting recommendations for our attendees.

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Become a Speaker

Our 2024 Call for Presentations current status is “OPEN”. Meaning, We want you to submit something to share with our community for 2024. =) First time speaker? Awesome!!! Apply! Returning speaker? Awesome!! Apply!

SecretCon 2024 seeks proposals on interesting content to make this an exciting event for our attendees and beyond by sharing recordings for those that are unable to attend. SecretCon encourages submissions on all types of topics but selection emphasis will direct towards hacker topics, 2024’s theme is ‘Patterns’, we are seeking topics of data tracking, data paradigm shifts in our industry. As always, We change our theme each year, SecretCon 2025 will have a new theme and will be noted at the 2024 closing ceremony.

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Call for Artists

The SecretCon 2024 Call for Artists is OPEN! Interested in creating unique and creative pieces? Physical or Digital Art? Make Music? Create Video? We offer badges and new for 2024, we will be offering all contributing artists and content providers access to a special VIP artists cocktail social. Contact us on how to get involved.

We are seeking all types of hacker related art. Grants available.

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Become a Volunteer

Been to our first year's event already and want to do more? Are you a local elevating the community? A ton of effort goes on behind the scenes to ensure everyone has a great time. Enrich the Minnesota hacker community by helping run the show and meet some amazingly talented locals! We need talent of all types! Help us fill in this blank canvas! Know how to code? Are you a writer? Want to be part of a village? Have an idea or project that SecretCon should take on? We are community. Tell us how you want to get involved.

If you have not been to a SecretCon. We recommend starting by getting involved in a specialty, perhaps with a village! Into lock-picking, AI, or bio-hacking? There is a place for you! Into hardware and firmware? Also a place for you! We are happy to give you an introduction.

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Create a puzzle

You made it this far down the page. You enjoy details. Maybe you enjoy codes and puzzle creation? Interested in filling in part of our blank canvas by sharing a “hacker related” puzzle with the community? We’d love to see what you have in mind and help you publish your content. We include hundreds of puzzles during, before, or even after the event!

Our most devoted attendees seek out a deeper layer of our annual hacker event. Since the birth of SecretCon there has been something deeper going on beyond the top layered glamour of our hacker culture full of art and music, the many social interactions and friendships, the presentations, the villages/security specializations, competitive and tricky contests. Found throughout the SecretCon events are various storylines of puzzles series revealing themselves in slightly disguised anomalies at every direction.

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Information security and privacy are two critical components of data protection, and they go hand in hand. Ensuring information security helps to safeguard sensitive data from unauthorized access, theft, or modification. Meanwhile, protecting privacy preserves individuals' rights to control and manage their personal information. The convergence of information security and privacy is crucial in safeguarding individuals' data privacy and preventing potential harm from data breaches or misuse.